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Our tour of 5 days in the wonders of Iceland offers a rich variety of experiences ranging from the discovery of historical and natural places until thepure adventure.
On the first day we will visit Ytri Tungaa beach known for its frequent seal visits and for its peaceful views of the ocean and Búðakirkjathe historical Black Church of Búðirdating from 1703 and famous for its unique colour and scenic location. The third stop is the fishing village of Arnarstapiwhere you can admire the spectacular natural rock formations along the coast.

We will continue the journey through the mountainous landscape to reach Kirkjufellan iconic mountain with an waterfall adjacent, followed by a night's rest at Borgarnes. On the second day we will explore the Þingvellir National Park, UNESCO site e historic seat of the Icelandic Parliamentbefore lunch in a family farm in Efstidalur or in a tomato greenhouse in Friðheimardepending on your preferences.
The day will continue with a visit to Geysirto witness the eruptions of the famous Strokkur geyserfollowed by the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall and a stop at the Kerið lake crater. After spending the night in Hvolsvöllurthe third day will open with the a visit to the Seljalandsfoss waterfallfollowed by the more hidden one of Gljúfrabuí and of Skógafossfamous for its rainbows.

We will continue with a traditional Icelandic lunch breakand then head towards Dyrhólaey, a promontory known for its cliffs and bird life. We will end the day by exploring the Reynisfjara black sand beach, famous for its basalt and a wild and natural environment. The night will be spent in Vík.

The fourth day will take us to Jökulsárlóna glacial lagoon with floating icebergs, and to the neighbouring Diamond Beachone of the best known attractions of theIceland. We will also explore the canyon of Fjaðrárgljúfur and the Katla Ice Cave (if conditions permit) to conclude with another night in Vík. The last day is dedicated to the exploration of the Sólheimajökullfollowed by a relaxing afternoon in a Luxury spa.



Dressing up adequately for a trip to Iceland means being prepared for variable weather, which can quickly change from sunny to windy and rainy, even in the course of a single day. The ideal is to dress in layers, with a breathable base layer, one intermediate layer suitable for thermal insulation (fleece or wool jumpers) and one outer layer as a technical, windproof outer jacket. Visit our blog for a dedicated article.

There is no ideal season to visit Iceland, the right answer is all year round. In summer the climate becomes pleasantly mild and the days are getting longer considerably, offering more time for visits. However, for those who wish enjoying the wonders of southern Icelandthe months of May and September represent excellent opportunities, with still favourable weather conditions and less crowding.
For those who aspire to experience the enchantment of theNorthern Lights in Iceland and experience the unique atmosphere of days dominated by twilight, it is advisable to plan your trip between October and April, when the Icelandic night is painted in magical colours.

Surprisingly the temperatures in Iceland are milder than a traveller might think. The average temperature varies between 10°C and 15°C throughout the year, making the Icelandic climate surprisingly cosy. However, it is the cold wind to represent the island's real climatic challengegiving it its characteristic wild touch. If you are planning your trip and want more time at your disposal, the summer months prove to be the ideal time to visiting Icelandless rainfall and a greater chance of enjoying the midnight sun in Iceland elevate the travel experience, giving you unforgettable views in a unique light.

To enter Iceland no tourist visa required. From the European Union and in particular identity card from Italy is sufficientAlternatively, it is of course always possible to use the passport.

L'Icelandic, the country's official language, is actually derived from ancient Norwegian dialects, brought to the island by settlers from western Norway. Today, about 320,000 people speak Icelandica language rich in history and tradition. Despite this, there is no need to worry about language barriers: our experienced guides are fluent in both English that in Italian.

During the winter months, theIceland is transformed into an enchanted realm of ice e snow, making the crampons an indispensable accessory for those who wish to explore its wonders without slipping or falling. In summer they are only necessary if you decide to buy one of our glacier tours, but we can provide them for you, so you won't need to pack them.

Iceland's official currency is the Icelandic Krona (ISK). At tourist attractions and in Reykjavík, the euro may be accepted, but for those who prefer to pay in cash, it is convenient to change into Icelandic krona, as the euro has a higher value and the krona tends to fluctuate significantly in the market.

5-day private tour of Iceland: everything the island has to offer!

To prepare you for your Icelandic adventure, before and after your booking, our staff is always available to provide explanations, advice and to prepare you for the unique experience that awaits you in Iceland. Through phone calls, videocalls and always active direct contact.