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You're welcome!

I am Valerio Papetti

I am happy to welcome you to Iceland Adventures.

I moved to Iceland in 2018 and since then, day after day, I have fallen more and more in love with this island.

I would like to take you with me to the most fascinating and enchanting places, the ones that steal your heart and leave you speechless at the beauty of this isolated land, the Iceland.

Get ready for adventure!

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Adventures Exclusive at Iceland

I founded my tour operator in Iceland animated by the vision of establishing a personal and direct relationship with each traveller, thus eliminating superfluous intermediaries that often inflate costs and take away value to experience. My mission is to offer a service of direct advice and bookingcorroborated by the deep knowledge and love I have for the Icelandic lands.

My primary goal is to satisfy customers even before they set foot in Icelandensuring that, at the end of their dream holiday, they will not only want to return but also recommend to family and friends the extraordinary beauty of the island and thereliability of my suggestions. I want them to retain unbridled enthusiasm for the moments shared during our exclusive tours of Icelandincluding adventures on glaciers.

In my Icelandic glacier tours the concept of time dissolves; the focus is on pure enjoyment, convinced that if I have fun, the customer will also experience even more exciting moments. What counts is enriching the customer experienceleaving him with indelible memories.

From the very first exchanges, through messages, voice calls or virtual meetings, I prefer a direct approachaimed at planning the ideal trip.

During each excursion, priority is given to the safety of participants and a deep respect for the natural environmentboth on glaciers and in any other context.

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Read the Diary section of my Blog - Read the Diary section of my Blog -

In the section "Diary" of my blog, I share unique stories from my adventures with customers, from first contact to their arrival in Iceland. Each story is a journey in itself, full of emotions, anticipation and the magic of exploration. Each trip is unique, as is the programming I propose to each individual client who contacts me. You will find links to photos on my profile Instagramto visually immerse yourself in the experiences that turn every trip into a work of art.